About us


Cantal Group Inc.

cantal Group is a private sector company working in the fields of (construction -marketing consultancy - advertising - design), since the beginning of the Kurdistan Region's economic revival after 2007 Cantal group have been working on building projects like :- schools and commercial buildings, streets and Sewers and many other projects in construction field . Cantal Group has participated and worked in all stages of economic revival of Kurdistan region and the aim of developing the country and providing job opportunities and rebuilding the city and country was the priority of Cantal Group. After further development of Cantal Group and the expansion of our group's work, we have updated by adding marketing consultancy for projects and Designing , design sections for residential projects and commercial buildings and villa and houses in a new and modern way. adding an advertising section that our group has modernly developed with many new ideas in the field of video advertising , printing.... etc. Cantal Group "Welcome to the next level. "